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Our model is simple; you pick out a certification program that fits your agency's needs. We give you officers access to the self-paced online training platform for a year.  



Build Your Basic Behavioral Profiling Skills at $99 per Class 

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Part 1: Body Language

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Part 2: Deception Detection 

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Part 3: Danger Signals 

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Training Packages with Practitioner Certification For The Whole Agency 

Class Topics:

  1. Body Language:  24 Hours 
  2. Deception Detection:  24 Hours 
  3. Behavioral Awareness:  24 Hours
  4. Suspicious Actions:  8 Hours
  5. Pre-Attack Indicators:  8 Hours
  6. De-Escalation Tactics :  8 Hours 
  7. Complacency Awareness:  8 Hours
  8. Psychological and Behavioral Indicators of School Shooters and Mass Murderers:  16 Hours

Total: 120 Hours

One Price for 1 year access to all these Training Classes!


Be a School Protection Specialist 

This class will show school employees how to recognize behavioral and psychological indicators associated with extreme violence or mass murder. The desired outcome is for officers to be able to identify and manage suspects before they become perpetrators of violence.


Elite Training for the Individual Officer  



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